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Viktor Frešo | Overheads

From Jan. 11, 2017 | Nedbalka Gallery

Published on: 10.01.2017

In “Nedbalka” Gallery Viktor Frešo presents in a premiere his newest sculptural projects under the name Overheads (complemented pars pro toto by one painting on glass alla prima from a bigger series). A sculptor by his original education he decided to tackle one of the oldest genres - to portray a human… More

Sitting Together - Parallel Chronologies of Coincidences in Eastern Europe

Dec. 13 - Feb. 25, 2016-17 | tranzit/sk

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 05.12.2016

The exhibition „Sitting Together“ endeavours to bring together coincidences that create seemingly accidental but, from the present point of view, paradigmatic links between the parallel chronologies of the art scenes in eastern Europe. „Sitting Together“ has grown from the project Parallel Chronologies… More


Dec. 2 - Jan. 28, 2016-17 | Tirana Art Lab

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 01.12.2016

Double Feature is an exhibition format introduced by Tirana Art Lab with the aim of systematically displaying in our premises, two artistic positions to the Albanian, the regional and international audience. More

Laughter and Forgetting

Sep. 8 - Nov. 9, 2016 | MeetFactory Gallery

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 02.11.2016

Laughter and Forgetting explores the malleability of memory, pain of laughter, the interrelationship between public and private life, and the deception of human relationships, taking its start from Milan Kundera’s The Book of Laughter and Forgetting written in 1978 and published while in exile in Paris. More

Ilona NÉMETH | 17 567 2 850 5

Nov. 2 - Dec. 4, 2016 | SODA gallery

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 01.11.2016

Ilona Németh’s solo exhibition with the cryptic title 17 567 2 850 5 is a continuation of the artist’s long-term quest that delves into her family chronicle and carves out moments of history's drastic interference in our personal lives. The presentation at SODA gallery focuses on three distinct personalities… More


Dec. 8 - Feb. 24, 2016-17 | Gandy Gallery

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 23.11.2016

Gandy gallery is delighted to announce the first solo exhibition by Vendula Knopová at the gallery. For this occasion she will present a brand new project, series of photographies reflecting the boom of weddings in Czech Republic. More

Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair | DOUBLE BIND

Sept. 28 - Nov. 25, 2016 | Ani Molnár Gallery

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 29.09.2016

Ekaterina Shapiro-Obermair is continuing her investigations of spatial-representational constellations in her current exhibition entitled Double Bind. As in her previous works, she is interested in the systematic combination of different, sometimes similar, sometimes contrary elements and these are taking… More


Sept. 28 – Dec. 2, 2016 | Gandy gallery

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 26.09.2016

Gandy gallery is pleased to announce the second exhibition of Denisa Lehocká in the gallery. In her sculptural arrangements, reservedly placed in the space as if lost in a dream, Denisa Lehocká relates found objects (which seem to tell of their quiet lives and the traces of memory attached to them)… More

Anu VAHTRA | Forms of adaptation. This space intentionally left blank.

Sept. 8 – Oct. 14, 2016 | Chimera-Project Gallery

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 14.09.2016

Chimera-Project is pleased to announce the upcoming and first solo exhibition of Anu Vahtra at Chimera-Project Gallery, opening September 8, 7pm. The exhibition will also be part of Gallery Weekend Budapest, which allows a wide audience to get insight into the career of this up and coming artist, represented… More


Sept. 20 – Dec. 2, 2016 | Gandy Gallery

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 13.09.2016

Gandy gallery is pleased to announce the second exhibition of Denisa Lehocká in the gallery. In her sculptural arrangements, reservedly placed in the space as if lost in a dream, Denisa Lehocká relates found objects (which seem to tell of their quiet lives and the traces of memory attached to them)… More

Polonca LOVŠIN | Man is Full, the Goat is Whole

Sept. 1 - Sept. 23, 2016 | P74 Gallery

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 12.09.2016

Human interventions into nature are causing the dramatic extinction of a number of plant and animal species on the one hand and an ongoing growth of invasive species on the other. These changes remind us of fundamental existential questions, including a reconsideration of misinformed globalistic ecological… More


Sept. 13 - Oct. 9, 2016 | SODA Gallery

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 09.09.2016

European multimedia artist Marek Kvetan (born 1976) is coming out of post-conceptual positions, analytic methods and interactive artifacts or visual environment with his program. He continues to use this approach in his new project called "MATRA"(2016), whereby in concept he overlaps production of particular… More


Sept. 9 - Oct. 17, 2016 / INDA Gallery

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 08.09.2016

The 2016 autumn season takes off with a joint exhibition of works by Marianne Csáky, Ágnes Eperjesi and Agnieszka Grodzińska in INDA Gallery’s freshly remodelled spaces. The visitor is guided through the show by the common points in the works’ visual languages, and by the thematic dialogues emerging… More

Alice Kask

June 16 - July 24, 2016 / EKKM

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 14.06.2016

The self-titled solo exhibition of Estonian painter Alice Kask assembles her earlier works and paintings that are produced especially for this exhibition into a cohesive spatial constellation. More

Martina Vacheva: SEREALITY

June 3 - July 29, 2016 / Sariev Contemporary

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 13.06.2016

SARIEV Contemporary is pleased to present the young artist Martina Vacheva and her solo exhibition Sereality, part of the gallery’s program of presenting artists just starting their professional career – BACKGROUND: Young Artists. The exhibition is curated by Vera Mlechevska. It can be seen until 29… More

Jagoda Przybylak: CLOSE-UPS

May 21 - June 18, 2016 / Propaganda Gallery

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 11.06.2016

At Close Ups show at Propaganda we present the earliest works of Jagoda Przybylak, these which could be fundamental for the photography history of the 60. and 70. but unfortunately totally unknown in the West and some later works from 2000 which show the progress of Przybylak’s basic methods. More

Lia Perjovschi: Timeline with Witnesses

May 19 - July 2, 2016 / Ivan Gallery

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 10.06.2016

Ivan Gallery is delighted to present Lia Perjovschi’s first solo show in the gallery. “Timeline with witnesses” presents a chronology of events built by the juxtaposition of images, objects and text, a series of notes and key words developed by the artist, that shape a subjective history revealing her… More


June 3 - August 14, 2016 / UGM

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 09.06.2016

The exhibition will present the works by eight of the finest renowned artists from China and Slovenia. Despite some distinct differences in form and content, all selected works reflect the achievements of modernism and simultaneously responds to the specificities of a contemporary world in transition,… More


June 9 - 19, 2016 / ART_INKUBATOR

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 08.06.2016

GRAND PRIX FOTOFESTIWAL will open on 9th of June. The jury announced the 10 finalists whose works will be presented during Fotofestiwal in ART_INKUBATOR. More


May 21 - July 30, 2016 / Galeria Le Guern

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 07.06.2016

An individual exhibition of Roman Owidzki (1912-2009), painter, theorist, co-founder of Foksal Gallery (1966), and professor of Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (Faculty of Visual Actions and Structures of the Painting Department). More

JOSEPH GRIGELY: Conversations 1994 - 2016

May 25 - July 29, 2016 / Gandy Gallery

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 06.06.2016

Gandy gallery is delighted to present the third solo exhibition by Joseph Grigely at the gallery, the first in Slovakia of the work by the artist. The exhibition involves a return to the roots for this American-born artist whose grandparents left the Hungary region for the U.S. soon after World War One. More


June 3 - September 25, 2016 / Muzeum Sztuki

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 03.06.2016

Exercises in Autonomy seek to imagine future collective life forms on Earth after an ecological and economic collapse, which resulted in the destruction of current civilization. More

Beyond the Globe | 8th Triennial of Contemporary Art – U3

June 3 - September 18, 2016 / MG+MSUM

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 02.06.2016

The 8th edition of U3 brings an important change: it takes the exhibition outside the national framework. The new concept of U3 focuses on a dialogue between Slovene space and other contexts that are relevant for it. In this it follow the good practice of certain established “peripheral” biennials that… More

Cartography of Artist Solidarity – Narratives and Ghosts from the International Art Exhibition for Palestine, 1978

June 2 - September 2, 2016 / Tranzit.hu Budapest

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 01.06.2016

Cartography of Artist Solidarity is an archival and documentary exhibition that begins from an excavation of the story of the International Art Exhibition for Palestine (Beirut, 1978) and proposes a speculative history of politically engaged artistic and museographic practices in the milieu of the international… More

Early Works of Ferhat Özgür

June 1 - June 9, 2016 / Gallery On The Move

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 31.05.2016

Gallery On The Move presents in collaboration with DocuTIFF Ferhat Özgür's "Early Works III". "Early Works III" consists in the presentation of some early videos by Özgür, one of the most pioneering artists in Turkey, whose work has been extensively exhibited internationally. More

Moholy-Nagy: Future Present

May 27 - Sept 7, 2016 / Guggenheim Museum, New York

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 30.05.2016

The first comprehensive retrospective of the work of László Moholy-Nagy (1895–1946) to appear in the United States in nearly fifty years, this long overdue presentation will reveal a utopian artist who believed that art could work hand-in-hand with technology for the betterment of humanity. More

CAMERA PLUS. Biennial of contemporary photography and moving image

May 18 - 30, 2016 / Iasi, Romania

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 28.05.2016

CAMERA PLUS Biennial aims to contribute to the support of the production of artistic research and theoretical research by analysing and mediating the photographical practice, the moving image and the critical theory of photography in Romania and abroad. More

Ljubljana Blind Date Convention 2016

4th International Festival of Artist’s Books and Artist Publications

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 27.05.2016

This year’s Blind Date Convention is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the publication of the first artist’s book in Slovenia. The Ljubljana Blind Date Convention 2016 was officially opened with the opening of three exhibitions: This is not a book! Item: BOOK; 26 Stages of Erection; and ZINEZINE in… More

Bucharest Biennale 7

May 26 - June 30, 2016 / Bucharest - What are we building down there?

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 26.05.2016

The seventh edition of Bucharest Biennale entitled 'What are we building down there?' will open on 26 May. The BB7 will highlight the themes of privatization, commercialization, and corporatization of post-socialist city within its very structure, thereby displacing the biennale onto twenty-one advertising… More

NEBUĎLABUŤ / Don't be Naive

May 2 - June 10, 2016 / SODA Gallery

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 25.05.2016

The cooperative project of Jana Želibská and Dominika Horáková titled Nebuďlabuť (Don't be Naïve) is a creative intercourse of two mature artists.Their common feature is a similar kind of ironical detachment by which each one expresses their views on serious subjects rather light-heartedly, uninhibitedly,… More


May 26 - June 12, 2016 / Skuc Gallery

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 24.05.2016

Personal, a group exhibition curated by the participants of the 15th year of the World of Art School, has been based on an overview of the recent production of young visual artists: Boris Beja, Živa Božičnik Rebec, Nina Čelhar, Neža Knez, Maruša Meglič, Tejka Pezdirc, Pila Rusjan, Dejan Štefančič. More

Climbing Invisible Structures: Ritualised Disciplinary Practices in Social Life. Part 2: Nida

May 21 - June 19, 2016 / Nida Art Colony

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 23.05.2016

The idea of “climbing invisible structure” invokes not only something hidden, but also something vertiginous and inaccessible. It invites “us” (artists and audiences as participants) to engage and reflect on the complex and multi-layered relationships between references and meanings that pervade most… More

Loss. In memory of Babi Yar

May 21, 2016 - Jan 8, 2017 / Pinchuk Art Centre

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 22.05.2016

PinchukArtCentre presents LOSS. In memory of Babi Yar – an international group exhibition including Christian Boltanski, Berlinde De Bruyckere and Jenny Holzer. More

Radovan Čerevka: Beasty Models

May 20 - June 19, 2016 / Trafo Gallery

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 21.05.2016

Trafó Galéria is hosting the first Hungarian solo show of one of the most non-conform artist of the Slovakian young art scene, Radovan Čerevka (1980). More


May 20 - August 28, 2016 / Muzeum Sztuki

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 20.05.2016

"Rozdzielona Wspólnota - The Inoperative Community II" is an exhibition of experimental narrative film and video made since 1968 that address ideas of community and the shifting nature of social relations. It draws on work made for cinema, television and the gallery, signaling the overlapping and entangled… More

Lighting Guerrilla 16: Nature

May 16 - June 18, 2016 / Vžigalica Gallery

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 19.05.2016

The Lighting Guerrilla international festival, that celebrates its tenth anniversary this year, is dedicated to contemporary visual arts whose main medium of expression is light. In the year when Ljubljana boasts the title of Green Capital of Europe, the topic of Nature will be the main theme of the… More

Jaroslav Kyša: Zero Meridian

May 5 - June 9, 2016 / Zahorian & Van Espen

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 18.05.2016

Jaroslav Kyša is an artist who has long been engaged with historical events, which he elaborates for a strategy of uncovering collective (local and global) memory by means of memorials/monuments. The artist’s first solo show in ZAHORIAN & VAN ESPEN is conceived as a site-specific project created for… More

Josip Pino Ivančić: Material.ness

May 13 - 29, 2016 / Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 17.05.2016

Ivančić’s work was previously seen in Rijeka in 2014, in the MMSU’s series of art interventions in public spaces. He presented his project HOME-less, created in collaboration with homeless people. This exhibition, too, tackles the raw aspects of everydayness, exposing the anxiety-stricken, organic material… More

Karel Nepraš: Family Ready for Departure

May 12 - October 17, 2016 / DOX - Centre for Contemporary Art

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 13.05.2016

In 2012, DOX put on a large retrospective exhibition of the work of leading Czech sculptor Karel Nepraš. This year, in cooperation with the artist’s family, it will present a reconstruction of the well-known sculptural group Family Ready for Departure, which Nepraš created after his return from his brief… More

Cold Look. Variations of Hyperrealism in Estonian Art

May 13 - October 9, 2016 / KUMU

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 12.05.2016

As of 13 May, the exhibition Cold Look. Variations of Hyperrealism in Estonian Art will be open in the B-wing of the fourth floor of the Kumu Art Museum. The exhibition sheds light on the various aspects of Estonian hyperrealist painting and graphic art. The art historical overview is complemented and… More


Reproduced Paradise

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 02.12.2016

Everybody Needs Art and Sterling Gallery @ Váncza Villa, Budapest November 4 – December 2, 2016

"Reproduced Paradise” showcases an exciting line-up of artists at its Villa Váncza venue in Buda. This special exhibit puts on display the works of renown Hungarian and international representatives of the contemporary jewelry and art scene. More

Interview with Ekaterina Shapiro Obermair

Author: Tina Kaplár

Published on: 14.11.2016

Ekaterina Shapiro Obermair (1980) was born in Moscow and emigrated to Germany in 1998. Since 2004 she lives and works in Vienna, where she graduated from the University of Applied Arts (2006) and from the Academy of Fine Arts (2009). Her career has reached important milestones recently and on the occasion her first solo exhibition in Budapest along with her participation at Artissima, Turin - both at Ani Molnár Gallery - we talked not only about her artistic practice where as she put is interested in “the correlation of formal and social issues” but also about her curatorial work. More

Rosanda Sorakaitė - Winner of YPP'16

Author: Tina Kaplár

Published on: 11.11.2016

The Lithuanian born Rosanda Sorakaité's international career seems about to take off as for her 2016 started with a residency in Austria, then participated at START Art Fair with Galerija Meno Parkas in London and she just won the Young Painter Prize in Vilnius which includes an art residency in Budapest as well… More


Author: Tina Kaplár

Published on: 16.09.2016

Interview Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt artistic director

From 22 to 25 September in Marx Halle Vienna, viennacontemporary brings together an unparalleled selection of Austrian, Eastern European, and international galleries, who will present thousands of artworks by over five hundred young and established artists as well as leading world-class names. With 112 galleries from 28 countries, viennacontemporary, is the largest and most prominent art fair in the region, offering the most extensive array of contemporary art from Austria, the highest concentration of Eastern European galleries worldwide, and a continuously growing international scope with special attention to emerging art markets. Artistic director Christina Steinbrecher-Pfandt reveals how the fair is organised evaluates its past and gives tips on what not to miss on the upcoming autumnal weekend in Vienna. More

The International Contemporary Art Festival Survival Kit 8

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 08.09.2016

For the eighth year in a row, the international contemporary art festival Survival Kit will take place in Riga. This year, from September 8 to 25, audiences will have an opportunity to visit a voluminous art exhibition and participate in a broad programme of events, which will entail film screenings, discussions, performances and other events. The festival this year will address acupuncture as a metaphor for determining the painful points of contemporary society and will gather approximately thirty Latvian and foreign artists. The key venue of this year’s festival is C. C. von Stritzky's villa at Aristida Briāna Street 9 in Riga, which for a long period of time was abandoned but is currently experiencing its revival as a new cultural hotspot in the city. The festival is organised by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art and is curated by Solvita Krese and Inga Lāce. More

Gallery Weekend Budapest ed.3. - virtual tour

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 07.09.2016

ArtGuideEast helps you to gain insight into Gallery Weekend Budapest's detailed exhibition programme. This weekend! More

Gallery Weekend Budapest ed.3.

Author: Tina Kaplár

Published on: 25.08.2016

The Association of Contemporary Galleries and Creative Platform Contemporary Art Foundation organize for the third time on the 10-11th of September 2016 Gallery Weekend Budapest (GWB), the gallery festival of Hungarian contemporary fine arts, with the support of the Municipality of Budapest, the Budapest City Identity Nonprofit Ltd. and B.Braun Hungary. The participating galleries represent a select elite of the Budapest art scene: acb Gallery, Art+Text Budapest, Chimera-Project, Deák Erika Gallery, Horizont Gallery, INDA Gallery, Kisterem, Knoll Gallery, Molnár Ani Gallery, Gallery Neon, NextArt Gallery, TRAPÉZ, Várfok Gallery, VILTIN Gallery and Vintage Gallery. We asked Gábor Rieder who manages Gallery Weekend Budapest as the head of Creative Platform Contemporary Art Foundation about their experience of the previous two editions and to inform us about the current programme and their future plans. More

On the edge of the Contemporary Wonderland. Exploring the Art Collection of Barbara and Aaron Levine PART 2

Author: Ruxanda Renita

Published on: 07.08.2016

Barbara and Aaron Levine are exciting collectors of contemporary art who reside in Washington DC. Their collection is taking you into a Derrida- style journey of aesthetics. Each piece in their collection is placed there for a reason; it is in a cerebral debate with you - the viewer, yet in a complete harmony with the collection. It feels like Philip Glass, Franz Ferdinand, Tiesto and Mozart met and the concert makes sense. Highly conceptual, their collection took me completely by surprise. It is Sunday, late afternoon. I step out of my Uber. There is a Georgian (American Georgian) house in front of me. For a moment, I feel as if I am back to Atlanta, GA. The door opens. Barbara and Aaron welcome me inside, reminding me of the Southern hospitality. The Georgian vibe is persisting, yet the art… It transposes me with the speed of dream to outer space… More
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Interview with Alberto Matteo Torri

Author: Tina Kaplár

Published on: 18.11.2016

Couple of weeks ago amt_project participated at ArtVerona Project Fair in the Raw Zone that was curated by Andrea Bruciati exhibiting works by Tamas St. Turba. Afterwards came the participation at Artissima for the fourth time now with the works of Stano Filko, Rudolf Sikora meanwhile in amt_project… More


TOBE Gallery @ Parallel Vienna

Author: Tina Kaplár

Published on: 07.10.2016

TOBE Gallery Budapest has just had its debut participation at Parallel Vienna where they featured Carolina CHOCRON' s Serendipia, Claudia KRAUS' Shapes and lines connections, Marco BELL’s Edges of language and Tomas OPITZ's Shelter series. We were curiuos how the directors Bea Puskás and Tomas Opitz… More


Chimera-Project Gallery, Budapest@viennacontemporary

Author: Tina Kaplár

Published on: 30.09.2016

Chimera-Project Gallery the Budapest beased program-gallery has represented Hungarian and foreign emerging artists at viennacontemporary for the second time. The gallery"s profile ranges from neo-avantgarde to recent conceptually grounded practices based in the CEE region. This year they have brought… More


Sparta Curators Collective @ viennacontemporary

Author: Tina Kaplár

Published on: 28.09.2016

Liza Savina is an independent curator from Russia who is also the director of Savina Gallery based both in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Last time we had an interview at Contemporary Istanbul where you exhibited as Savina Gallery, now here at Vienna Contemporary you represent Sparta Curstors Collective… More


Focus: Ex-Yugoslavia and Albania @viennacontemporary

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 23.09.2016

This year’s special presentation curated by the Albanian curator and writer Adela Demetja, explores a region in Southeastern Europe: ex-Yugoslavia and Albania with Apoteka Space for Contemporary Art (HR), Galerija Alkatraz (SVN), Serious Interests Agency (MKD), Tirana Art Lab – Center for Contemporary… More


viennacontemporary 2016 - CEE

Author: ArtGuideEast

Published on: 22.09.2016

viennacontemporary opened its gates on Wednesday evening and from 22 to 25 September 2016 all eyes will be on viennacontemporary, when Austria’s largest international art fair demonstrates its ambitions with its elaborate program and highlights Vienna’s increasingly important role in the international… More